VoIP Call Centre Providers

Revolutionary developments in the sector of technology and business, has led to the breakthrough of call centers services for running all kinds of businesses. Call centers have promising potential to boost up and expand any business, by providing a 24/7 operating call service to connect to customers wherever they might be in the world. VoIP- a recent innovation in communication technology- has enabled businesses to choose a call center service without consuming large sums of money, thus benefitting smaller businesses as well.

Business without Borders.

Not that VoIP based call centers have improved the provision of convenient and economical communication solutions, it has evolved the business sector by administering peculiar benefits for all kinds of businesses. One such example is the setting up of toll free numbers for the customers, thus establish a business presence in the targeted locality. VoIP has brought forward the possibility of business without borders by providing local and international numbers thus outreaching more number of customers.


Single platform, multiple benefits.

With the installation of a single internet connection line, instead of multiple numbers of phone lines; VoIP service provides any business owner to set up a mini call center for immediate solutions such as handling more than one call. This innovation in communication has benefitted all kind of businesses, whether large or small. It has helped an easy and immediate access to their customers in anywhere out there in the world. With a single platform, this software aims to provide all sets of features essential for any kind of IP service.

Primary features of a call center:

. Integrated conferencing

. Web based voice mail

. Call routing

. Inbound, Outbound and blended call handling

. Auto-attendant capabilities

. Convenient import of call lists

. Customer data and agent scripting

. Scheduled call backs

. Cell phone filtering

. Availability of quality control module

. Remote working facility on an online platform

. Dedicated dialing

. Agent and call capacity can be increased

. Local, toll free and international numbers

. Broadcast messaging

. Click to call facility

How does it help?

. Customized features and online settings

. Available anywhere in the world

. Efficient communication while retaining existing information

. Lower calling rates

. Simplified billing

. Wide range of business friendly features

How does it work?

. After a call is dialed, it is sent over to a high speed internet VoIP gateway

. Once the call is over, bill is added to company’s account

. It allows abbreviated dialing at the time of call

. It provides its customers with an all-time access to their call history and payment and language options information by logging into an online account.

Give your business everything it needs, by increment of and easy and affordable service, where you are in charge. With VoIP call center, your virtual devices become your business extension. Not that it is cheap, it provides you with real time control and multiple features fit only for you.